Massage, Reiki & Craniosacral

Y ou are stressed, in pain and sooo looking forward to a relaxing, relieving massage, only to be disappointed because the therapist never even touched the place you told her hurt the worst and/or the work wasn’t what you needed to feel better. Now, you are still in pain and more stressed and angry having wasted your money.

My intention with each treatment is to meet and exceed the expectations of my clients. Through discussion and interview, I will find out what areas need work and what is your level of discomfort or pain. I use an integrative style of massage and “feeling what is under my hands”. I find that using long, slow strokes brings the most relief with as little “ouch” as possible. I will also demonstrate stretches or recommend exercises that will benefit and help your healing.

My interest in the body began with my involvement with several sports. I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years and also competed in basketball, water-polo, field hockey and triathlons. I coached athletes for 15 years from little tykes to national level collegiate athletes and gained invaluable experience. With my athletic lifestyle has come many injuries and their rehabilitation using my experience and knowledge.

I graduated from CSU Long Beach with a B.A. in Physical Education. I came to massage as a career with a strong knowledge of anatomy and function of the body and how it relates to movement and is prone to injury.

I am also a Reiki Master and find that the use of energy work is vital to complete the process. Energy work combined with the power of crystals has an amazing effect on the body and the energy systems, or chakras.  By scanning and checking for areas of inbalance, I can use crystals and Reiki to bring balance to the body, affecting deep levels of emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Through continual study of bodywork, herbs, crystals, flower essences and energy work, I add to my base of knowledge and strive to make my treatments the best possible for each client.

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Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing

We are energetic and spiritual beings on a human journey.  At times, under the forces of stress, toxins from our environment or chaos from within, we fall out of balance and blockages or energy leaks occur.  These blockages can occur on several different levels, in our aura, chakras or manifest physically in the form of injury, pain or illness.  By removing these blockages and/or healing leaks, the body, mind and spirit are once again moving in synchronicity and pain or illness leave us.

I find that by combining the power of Reiki with the energy of crystals, an amazing transformation is possible.  Clients enter a lucid and dreamy state, the body relaxes letting healing energy in and letting go of toxic, chaotic cords and energy.  Clients report being able to sleep much sounder and feel more vividly alive and energetic.

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